Iron Deficiency Symptoms

Iron deficiency is a very common condition and it’s what causes anemia for the most part. Iron deficiency means that you have an increased need for iron but aren’t getting it or aren’t absorbing the iron properly into your body.  One of the most common symptoms of iron deficiency is extreme fatigue which can occur at any time. This is an easily treatable condition with usually just the need for iron pills and a change in diet to bring iron levels back to normal.


Iron deficiency can run you down to the point where you just don’t want to do anything. School work or a regular job becomes difficult to do because you simply don’t have the energy. You may have problems with your body temperature, an inflamed tongue and your immune function can be compromised when you have this condition. Usually a blood test is given to determine if you have iron deficiency. There are treatments you can take as well as iron supplements to increase your iron levels. Diet can lay a key role in treating the problem.

The conditions can appear without warning but one of the warning signs is increased fatigue which is difficult to diagnose because sometimes we just feel tired and it’s not a problem with our iron we just need more sleep. The skin, nail beds, and gums may appear pale looking. If the anemia is severe then the heartbeat can change and you can notice this. Other symptoms include irritability, shortness of breath, weakness, sore tongue, low blood pressure, brittle nails, lack of appetite, food cravings, and headaches. If it isn’t treated it can interfere with your normal life.

Most people don’t get any complications from this problem but it’s important to see a doctor if you suspect you have it or just don’t feel well as it could be anemia. Supplements are often given to the person who has the condition to raise their iron levels back to normal. Changes in diet can help when more iron rich foods are introduced. In cases where it’s severe sometimes injections are given with a high dose of iron. Iron pills are usually prescribed and the patient takes these for several weeks or months.  Your doctor will be able to determine the dosage of iron that you need to get your levels back to normal if you have any type of iron deficiency.

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