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Walking Pneumonia Symptoms (Mycoplasma pneumoniae)

Mycoplasma infection is another name for walking pneumonia. The Mycoplasma pneumoniae bacterium causes walking pneumonia. This isn’t as serious as regular pneumonia and most patients aren’t in the hospital or bedridden when they have it. This condition tends to hit […]

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Lymes Disease Symptoms

Tick bites spread Lymes disease and it’s a bacterial infection caused by the “spirochete” bacterium. Other bacteria also cause the condition such as the Borrelia afzelii.  It can

Food Allergy Symptoms

Food Allergies are probably more common than you think. This is because they often go unnoticed due to the fact that many of the symptoms are fairly mild

Iron Deficiency Symptoms

Iron deficiency is a very common condition and it’s what causes anemia for the most part. Iron deficiency means that you have an increased need for iron but

Food Poisoning Symptoms

When you drink water or eat food that contains toxins or harmful bacteria you can get what is called food poisoning.  Many people experience food poisoning each year.

Pneumonia Symptoms

Pneumonia is classified as a lung infection. It is caused by different organisms. Fungi, viruses, and bacteria are usually what caused Pneumonia. When examined by the doctor it’s

Diseases of the circulatory system

The circulatory system as you are probably aware is responsible for getting blood around your body. It consists of the heart which pumps the blood around, your blood

What is the immune system

Your body has a rather complex system which is designed to stop foreign entities entering the body and causing havoc. This system is easily able to identify anything

Kidney Infections Symptoms

Kidney infections are painful and unpleasant generally caused when bacteria travel up your bladder and into one or both of your kidneys. The disease is different and more

Symptoms Of A Bladder Infection

Bladder infections – An overview Bladder infections also called urinary tract infections or UTIs are quite common occurring in about half the population of the world at least once